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But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariable the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism; it is their right, their duty, to throw off such government, and provide new guards for their future security.

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My musical alias is Bunny Colored Hat. Currently, i have uploaded every single song that I have made that I can upload. For those who have downloaded any songs, here are the albums. Album art is available at Crashkid77 - Photobucket

album: Kuromori Barba
1- Kilia
2- Snow Miser
3- Requiem (from the Vanquisher)
4- Mobius
5- Choroid
6- Flos Sanguinis
7- Nomen
8- Requiem Moderne

album: Herr Jones
1- I'm Disinclined to Acquiesce to Your Request
2- Voltaire
3- Thoroughbred
4- Orquidea Azul
5- L'uomo Di Collera
6- Stalag
7- Thank The Academy
8- Tierra Verde
9- Remorseless Pieces of Metal (too large to upload)
10 - Don't Fear The Reaper

album: Dies Ist Ein Ballsaal Blitzturnier
1- Helzahn
2- Nombre
3- Vanguardia
4- Dies Ist Ein Ballsaal Blitzturnier
5- House, MD
6- Solace in Nothing
7- Logical Fallacy
8- Angstrom
9- So It Would Seem
10- FreeCreditReport.Com collage (copyright issues, most likely).

album: Lux Lucum et Umbra Umbrarum
1- Block Down
2- Funeral Moderne
3- Catatonic, Movement 1: Seizure
4- Catatonic, Movement 2: Stupor
5- Lux Lucum et Umbra Umbrarum
6- Tacite
7- Clearly You've Never Been To Singapore
8- Aestas
9- Quid?
10- Tom Sawyer

album: Zhang Zeduan: Have Just Found Out
1- Zhang Zeduan
2- Melkor (sadly, too large to upload)
3- Mortandus!
4- Valse Triste
5- Vitreous
6- Zebra
7- Bezra
8- Have Just Found Out
9- Consider
10- Highway Star + Wheel In The Sky (too large to upload)
11- Everybody Wants You + Breakfast In America
12- La Grange + Hotel California (too large to upolad)

album: Mevientre, Kuvre, Agrobe
1- Kuvre
2- Emerald (too large to upload)
3- Mevientre
4- The End Begins
5- Gyroscope
6- Jahara
7- Prism
8- Agrobe
9- Ursa de Luna
10- Detroit Rock City

album: Isle In The Night
1- Westerworld in Yesterday
2- Xenophobic Twilight
3- Yes and No
4- Post Meridiam
5- Total Logistical Control
6- Isle In The Night
7- Obsidian Skies
8- Morpheal Motorcade
9- Rise of the Sun-Cryst (Fall of the Occuria)
10- Dust in the Wind

album: Guardians Of The Bastion That Is Earth
1) Cort├Ęge / The Genesistor
2) His Highness, Laryngospasm
3) The Purity (The Impurity)
4) Doom-Dong-Doom, or the House Antimony
5) The Astral
6) Ghost Centurion (With The Helm Of Hell)
7) The Agonizing
8) Helios
9) The Necro-Sun
10) Bonus - Aqualung (Originally by Jethro Tull)

album: Betroth'd In Tomfoolery
1) Tentota
2) Zetabecquerel - I. Sparkling LIe / II. Toxic Heart
3) Clown Marriage (En Espanol)
4) Masterful Ignominy
5) Queens Gore Meek Men Just
6) 'Lectron Transfer
7) Deuterium Kinsmen
8) Lost In Triviality
9) De Coniuratione Catalinae
10) Bonus - In The Air Tonight (Originally by Phil Collins)

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